We wanna wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014.
Here you will find a special interview that we made to each other.
For this 2014 we want to know you better, all our dearest followers. So we had an idea, each month we will take a interview to one of you.
What do you think?
Let’s do it better and better.
Take care!


About Aireen:

How you describe yourself??

-I like to describe myself as a quite Hyperactive girl, and interested in Fashion and Art.

You live in Barcelona. Whats the most do you like of that city?? I heard is so international city.

- Barcelona has something special…Has a atmosphere of self-expression pretty awesome. Not fallen yet on victim to high street. Yes, there are chains, but independent shops and boutiques are everywhere. I love that fact

3 places in your Top 10 of Barcelona and why??

Oh that’s sooo difficult…ermm
1- MNAC Museum, you can enjoy a nice walk and visit the museum, The Museum is housed in the ‘Palau Nacional’, a huge Italian-style building dating to 1929.
2- Park Guell, is a big garden complex designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Amazing!
3- Paseo de Gràcia, one of the major avenues of Barcelona and one of its most important shopping and business areas, containing some of the most celebrated pieces of architecture.

What inspires you to write, paint and on fashion??

- I get inspiration of almost everything, sometimes is a nice sky view, or a song, maybe a movie, even just one smile.

About blogging:

What advice you can give us about beauty?? Do you do that on yourself??

-Just take care of your skin, never go to sleep without remove your make up, clean it 3 times per day if it is possible. For me is very important and even if it is simple, sometime you just “feel lazy”…ah! I try to use natural products like Ecologic by Linda Nicolau, it’s a Vitamin E Make-Up Remover. That products work better in my skin, because I’m extra sensitive skin type.

We heard you are a little addicte of shopping. Whats are your favourite stores??

- A little… I really love H&M this season; they are doing a great job! Also Nice Things, Zara, Brand Melville, Mango, Diesel, Uterque…

List your three favorite designers/brands and why?

- Stella McCartney, I love her “no animal” policy. Stella’s designs have sense of femininity balanced and I really enjoy it.
- Dries Van Noten, because his mix of western and eastern or folkloric fabrics,
- Ann Demeulemeester, She is really experimental and arty, her color palette between Blacks, Browns and Greys…
- Hussein Chalayan, when I was doing my uni studies I was inspired by his designs al the time, I love that mix between Fashion-Architecture-Design-Technology.
- Issey Miyake, for me Isseys Miyake is a visionary, if you don’t know a lot about him should check A-POC and the Miyake Issey Foundation.

What are the most important things a girl has to do to look fabulous??

- First of all has to be Self-Confident, and second sometimes we fail trying to follow some trends…I really enjoy following the trends of each season but I never forget my own style.

Tell us your favorite trend of past fall, and your favorite most precious piece in your closet.

- I really enjoyed Soft Grunge trend. Have everything I love. My most precious piece in the closet is a Disney hoodie bought on Oysho, and one pair of mountain boots of BRONX , that mixes animal print, mountain and studs.

What can’t you live without?

- Without my friends and family, I want to spend more time with they on 2014.

About 2014:

What you wait on 2014??

- I wait so much!! I have so much expectation, is true!!! The most important thing for me now is be successful with OnlyDopeFashion. I’m really focused on this.

One song which you feel identified.

Brave- Sara Bareilles.

Tell us a Secret…

- If I tell you a secret, It won’t be no longer a Secret. I Have no secrets, I talk to much to keep any.

How you look “Only Dope” at the end of the year.

- Is easy, you are thinking in next year, spreading love because is Christmas and receiving positive vibes, you just have to remember to eat healthy, be yourself, try to sleep 8 hours(I don’t but you have too…haha) and practice some extra sport, and you will get the “OnlyDope” look.

Thanks for your time Sweet Aireen. We wish you good luck in this 2014

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