While some fashion houses go quite minimalistic Christian Dior Dries Van Noten or Balmain said yes to beads, with or without being polished, vibrant or muted shaded beads, stones and pearls are on trend.
And what’s better for a statement necklace than a unique piece?

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About TerraFluxCreations.

Emma, TerraFlux designer takes inspiration from nature. After being so fascinated by crystals since a little child, she collected them avidly growing up in South Africa.
The necklace was made for what is her favorite tool of choice, is a soldering iron like with my moon necklace.
She uses silver solder to create pieces using the tiffany method, which is used when working with stained glass.
All her pieces are made with 99.3% silver solder and copper underneath. All gemstones are genuine and sourced from ethical dealers.

She defines her designs as “One off rustic style jewellery made with hearty love and nature’s offerings”
You can show her designs here:




About my necklace

Amethyst is intriguing, vibrant this enigmatic stone is from an extraordinary hue that is unique, bold, creative and exciting making the necklace even more unique if possible. My moon necklace is one of a kind.

Between the rest of jewels, it is the most valuable form of quartz. It ranges from pale lavender to a deep, rich violet. I love the hue, and I feel this necklace has a mystic vibe impossible to forget!



Also,  if that’s not enough reason to spoil yourself, there is a 10% of each sale is donated to TEARS, an amazing charity from South Africa.  All wire used is mostly recycled, and each item will come in a handmade recycled fabric drawstring pouch. Her packaging is bought from a charity and reused to reduce the amount of rubbish in landfills.

Do I recommend TerraFlux? Absolutely to any lover of the nature, dreamer, lover of stones, someone who wants to find the perfect gift, TerraFlux creations will fill any empty place you have!

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