Motorcycle Vest Patches for Every Outfit
Motorcycle Vest Patches for Every Outfit


There used to be an unwritten rule – if something is functional, it doesn’t have to look pretty. It just has to work. Patches were just a piece of fabric, an excess left after cutting, sewing or making clothes. It was used to strengthen the thin fabrics, to sew on rapped pants or shirts, or for closing the holes that moths made. The patches of that time were neither beautiful nor stylish- they only served the purpose.

Luckily, today’s fashion has recognized the ‘potential’ of this tiny piece of fabric. Their primary purpose is still the same; now we just use patches in more creative ways. Patchwork has become an accessory that brings that casual whiff.


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Patches and Jeans

Jeans isn’t considered just a piece of clothing anymore; it’s more like a lifestyle. It will be hard for any other clothes to overshadow the glory and eternity of jeans. Any garment made of quality denim is evergreen and will never get out of fashion. It may not be popular for one or two seasons, but it always returns in big style.

When, why and how jeans got into our lives, check on this page:

Denim clothing made of high-quality fabrics can last for several seasons. And patches had a big-style entrance to the fashion scene. So the combination of these two can be a score if you want a chick and unique detail that will make you stand out from the crowd. You can breathe in a new life to your jeans, skirts, jackets or vests by adding just one patch in a visible place. Or you can have them as many as you want.

For example, the high-waste denim skirt has been a trendy piece of clothing for several seasons. If you have the one made of bright denim, you can give it a few heart-shaped patches, in various colors and maybe with glitters. It will be an unusual application – you just have to find the one reflecting your style.

Patches with a Note


Lately, patches that carry a message became a worldwide hit. Attach these details on the upper parts of the clothes, such as jackets or vests. Some unusual message or motto on a patch will definitely attract attention. It’s kinda odd for someone to stare at your lower body parts just to read what’s written; so skirts, shorts and jeans are just not the right places for this kind of patches.

The world’s favorite high-street retailers brought the rebellious spirit to the focus with notable patches. In their stores all around the globe, everyone can buy clothes with patches that carry a message. However, in order to avoid the possibility of meeting someone with the same clothes as you, rely on your craft skills and attach patches with some unusual note to the things you wear. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can make this stylish detail all by yourself.

You can wear patches in every opportunity, from a romantic date to a business meeting, if the dress code allows it. Patch, as an attractive detail, can refresh the old piece of clothing, and give it a completely different look. Sometimes, it’s all about the one who wears the outfit.

Old Sweater Good as New


Wool clothes are the favorite foods for moths (how to get rid of these boring pests read here). If you notice holes or thin spots on your beloved sweater, you’d probably throw it away.  Back in the days, patchwork on the elbow meant that this piece of clothing had come to an end. Today, however, we can see all kinds of a wardrobe with the factory-sewed patches. Except for the purpose of preventing clothes ripping, these applications look very modern.

But why buy a new thing, when you can still save the old one? Patchwork is a simple, but a creative way to return old clothes to life. Monochrome applications of radiant colors, made of thick fabric, are an excellent solution for the elbows.

As for fixing the holes on your wool clothes, the choice of patches and stickers is wide. Linen patch of rich patterns will fit into every sweater or cardigan. Patches made of leather can look great on the clothes of dark colors and simple cuts, intended for a business outfit.


Leather and Patches for Trendy Biker Style


Bikers are an urban phenomenon. Their style and way of life are definitely unique, and clothes are specific. Jeans, leather, and patches – those three words contain a whole fashion opus of this style. A fancy leather jacket or sleeveless biker vest ‘got off’ from the bikes and stepped out to the streets.

Leather clothes are trendy, durable and will never look cheap. What’s great about them is that they can be worn on every occasion. Nice jacket with attractive details like leather jacket patches will definitely improve your style.

Lately, leather vests are in, but unlike jackets, you can’t wear them all the time. Still, it is a real refreshment to add a leather vest, decorated with a few unusual motorcycle vest patches, to your everyday style. But you should not exaggerate with details. Beauty is actually in discrete accessories that need to highlight the beauty of your clothes, not to overcome it.


Patches on Shoes


The patch-embellished trend has been applied to shoes. The only difference comparing to those on clothes is the way of adding. While most of the patches are sewed on the clothes, these applications are fixed on shoes with specific glue.

In other aspects of adding patches, clothes and footwear do not differ. You can be creative with your shoes too; you can put these details on your sneakers, boots, or even on elegant shoes. Find them in specialized stores or make them on your own.


A good style is reflected in details; not in stuffing with branded wardrobe and wearing a trendy piece of clothing that doesn’t flatter you, just because fashion designer said so. But you can also look good with your old, but patch-renewed clothes.

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