Must Have Items for Winter 2015/2016
Must Have Items for Winter 2015/2016

Winter 2015/2016 is upon us. There, I said it. I know it feels like summer has only just started, but we need to face facts! The better prepared we are for the horrible winter weather, the more bearable it’ll be. You can’t just ignore it and hope it’ll go away! Here are some must have items for this winter:


Biker Boots

Biker boots will see you right through the cold weather all the way up until next summer. If you invest in a decent pair, they should last you for years and years! They go with everything, and I love that they add a bit of a tough ‘edge’ to an outfit. You can toughen up a girly dress with them, or just go all out biker chick. You’ll be safe in the rain, mud, snow – whatever the winter wants to throw at you!

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Slouchy Jumpers

Slouchy jumpers are cosy and look very grunge chic. If you love the grunge look, then a couple of slouchy jumpers are perfect for you! You can dress them up however you like. Wear with boots or heels, tights or bare legs. It all depends on the weather and the look you’re trying to create. It’s really easy to add more shape to a slouchy jumper by adding a waist belt, so you don’t need to worry about looking frumpy at all!


Beanie Hats

Beanie hats will keep your head warm in the cold weather, and you’ll very cool. They add to the grunge effect, so they’ll look perfect with your boots and slouchy jumper! Anybody can rock one of these, and they’re perfect if you’re having a bad hair day!


Faux Fur Coats

A faux fur coat looks luxurious and you can find so many different styles. There are different colours, patterns, and styles to choose from, so you’ll never be short of choice. They’re great for a cold evening out somewhere; maybe to watch fireworks or a walk in the snow!


Boldly Coloured Items

This winter, you don’t need to dress in dark colours just because the weather is gloomy. Dress up in boldly coloured items to make a statement. It’s all about block colours this year, especially pretty pinks and blues. Wear any colours you like though, providing they are bold. Joyfully Styled loves this tip!


Turtle Necks

Turtle necks keep you warm, and they’re a perfect nod to the 70s trend. You can layer them up with dungarees dresses and jumpers to make any kind of look you like. I like to wear one with a faux fur gilet sometimes, and maybe even a faux suede skirt with knee high boots. Perfect 70s chic!

If you make sure you have these items for the coming winter, you’ll be well prepared for whatever the weather throws at you. Don’t let it creep up on you for you to realise you have nothing to wear! Leave a comment if you can think of any other must have items. Visit again soon!

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