What You Need To Know When Buying Cameo Jewellery
What You Need To Know When Buying Cameo Jewellery


Cameo jewellery is a very distinctive style that is having a resurgence in popularity. However, if you are looking to buy some cameo jewellery, there are some things that you need to consider before making your purchase. Below are the specific things you should look out for when looking to buy cameo jewellery.


What Is Cameo Jewellery?


You may have heard the name cameo before, but not know what it is. A cameo is usually made from onyx, ivory, sardonyx, lava, coral or agate, which are all hard substances. Often a beautiful face or mythical beast will have the relief carved in the gemstone, and they typically have two layers of colour. The figure is carved in one colour and placed on a flat background of the other colour so that the relief stands out more. However, the modern-day cameos are often made from glass pastes and are not worth as much, so you need to be able to tell the difference before you make your purchase. There is antique jewellery for sale in lots of different places, and not all dealers have scruples, so you should ensure you can tell the difference between a real cameo, and a fake one!


How To Tell The Cameo Is Authentic?


You will want to take a magnifying glass to the cameo and look at the material carefully that it is made from, as this will tell you if it is genuine or not. You will want to look for nicks and marks that could have been made by carving tools, and if you find them, then there is an excellent chance that this cameo has been etched, rather than moulded. The marks will follow the contours of the design, and if the cameo looks smooth and rounded with no flaws, this could be a sign that it is a cheap copy.

You will find that the mass-produced cheap replica cameos will show the same face or picture, so if you have seen this design before, it is also a sign that it is a reproduction. An authentic cameo is in most cases unique, so you do not often see the design replicated. When you search online for a cheap cameo, you can see the typical faces and scenes that are used in the manufacture of cheap cameo copies.

If you are looking to invest a significant amount of money in jewellery, including cameo pieces, then you may wish to read more articles on how to invest in jewellery. You can find lots of articles on the matter with just a quick search on Google.


Other Precious Metals Used


Whether you have a cameo brooch or necklace, or some other type of jewellery, you will also need to consider what metal is used in the piece. Typically, a quality cameo will be made with 14K or 18K gold, or in silver, so you will want t look for hallmarks and see the quality of the metal used in the piece of jewellery.

When you can inspect a cameo and work out its value due to the materials used, you will be in a position to invest in cameo jewellery and ensuring that you get a good deal.

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