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Designers such as Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Furstenberg or Kate Spade use cork in their collections. One of the biggest reasons is designers find cork very creative and economically minded, perfect to create trendy and luxury accessories including handbags, shoes, and bracelets.
But that’s not the only reason, since it’s close to the shade of nude is a neutral color that fits to most skin tones.
Cork to be fashionable is not new; it made a comeback from seventies when cork wedges were the IT thing of the decade.

Ono Creations vision: Fair production & Innovative natural materials

“Imagine a world, in which fashion is crafted and enjoyed with passion. A world that preserves nature through the creation of beautiful products. Imagine a world in unison. Crafting a new generation of outstanding handbags that combines style and beauty with human, animal and eco-friendliness. That’s what we stand for.” Ono Creations

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I wanted to review Cor compassion because just the quote was a big big inspiration.
“Compassion is the radicalism of our time (Dalai Lama XIV).”
They describe Cor compassion as multi-talented useful to use as wallet or clutch. And I have to confirm it, soon I will be on holidays and I find cor compassion my bestfriend! Easy to use as a wallet where you can take your passport and all your essential needs such as money, card, driving license… but also your phone!

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Measurements closed are 18×11 and it comes with three large compartments and one small, two credit card pockets and a cord string to don’t lose anything when it wraps around. Lining was made of bamboo naturally dyed in dark brown and organic cotton. They only use high quality materials and skilled artisan technics (always under fair conditions!).

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The aim is to produce items, which are not only unique and sustainable through design and material, but which are also sewed with love and passion especially for you. You see what you get, unique and timeless pieces 100% dedicated to each customer.


How to wear it.

The best thing about cork is because it’s a neutral shade you can wear it with pastel or electric colors either, maybe the only exception is black.
My favorite option would be to pair it with a cute sundress and keep it casual.

OnlyDopeFashion Rate:

I love OnoCreations, not only because now I own a unique clutch but also because their aim to build a better tomorrow and show their standards of high quality ECO-friendly materials and fair trade are possible in fashion environment.

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But also because all their designs are fresh, sustainable and trendy!
I would recommend Ono Creations to any sweet child self-conscious of eco-friendly fashion who is looking for a statement clutch to fit any outfit in summer, and with medium budget.

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