Perfecting Your Winter Wardrobe On A Budget
Perfecting Your Winter Wardrobe On A Budget

Winter is well and truly upon us. If your winter clothes haven’t already started making an appearance, then be assured that they will over the coming week or two. Last year’s trends will get you through the short-term. But there’s no doubt that your style will need a little-added spice over the AW 2015/16 period.

However, with Christmas and expensive energy bills to consider, money will play a huge factor. We’ve all got budgets that need respecting. Nevertheless, those financial limits shouldn’t restrict you from achieving the desired look.


Here’s how you can achieve the perfect winter style without breaking the bank.

Prioritise Items

Whatever you do this winter, it’s important that you have your priorities in order. This isn’t restricted to your shopping habits, but they are certainly included.

One item that nobody can afford to be without during the colder months is a great coat. This is the one item where you should be willing to spend a little extra. Nonetheless, you won’t have to break the purse strings to get yourself a great coat. In fact, it’s still very possible to source one for under $100.

The other items to invest in are decent shoes and classic winter accessories like gloves and scarves. Let’s face it, your t-shirts aren’t going to see much daylight until you’re back home anyway.

comme des garçons

Look For Deals

This point is a little obvious, but it really does pay to shop around. We know this to be true with our weekly shopping, but it’s particularly true when it comes to buying new clothes. Don’t underestimate the importance.

Shops are in fierce competition for your business at this time of year. You should have no trouble finding great deals on the best trends. In addition to checking different outlets, you should be keen to find extra discounts. Discountrue has lists of many different coupons available. These include some spectacular deals on various fashion lines from Neiman Marcus to Tommy Hilfiger..

As well as saving you a few extra dollars this winter, it should breed good habits for future periods too.


As mentioned, last year’s garments will probably suffice for a little while. Regarding longevity, there’s a strong chance that they could last you the whole winter. It’s simply a case of wanting to change your style. However, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a little upcycling.


Taking last year’s wardrobe and repurposing those items will give you a fresh and unique look for this AW season. These inspirational ideas should get your creative juices flowing. This is truly the best way to celebrate your personality and character. And you’ll be saving yourself the need for expensive new outfits too.

As well as those savings, you’ll also benefit from the fact that those projects are a great way to spend an evening too. Those savings can come in very handy at this time of year. When combined with the other benefits, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

Wait Til Christmas…

Another option is to get someone else to buy the clothes you want. Let’s face it, many of your loved ones will be struggling for ideas this Christmas. Rather than letting them struggle, you could give them a push in the right direction by pointing them to the outfits that you love.

If this feels a little pushy, you could always ask for a voucher from that shop. This allows the giver n added flexibility in terms of spending. Moreover, this route will help avoid any potential sizing issues. Although, in most cases, shops will be happy to change sizes during this period.

The voucher option would help you with the next point too, though. Either way, it’s already December, and you are more than capable of seeing it through until the 25th. As they say, patience is a virtue.

…Or Boxing Day

If you’re prepared to wait until Christmas, you can definitely see it out until Boxing Day too. And for doing so, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a whole world of fantastic post-Xmas sales.

You no longer have to wait until January for the sales. As of December 26th, many of your favourite products will be available at a fraction of the cost they currently stand at. In fact, it might even be worth stocking up on a few items for the SS 2016 season.

The sales will be available both online and offline, so you can’t go wrong. If these ideas don’t help you upgrade your winter wardrobe for a smaller cost, then I don’t know what will.

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