Peta Vs Hermès.
Peta Vs Hermès.

Peta US published its undercover exposé on the horrific conditions suffered by crocodiles and alligators in farms in Texas and Zimbabwe from which luxury label Hermès acquires its exotic skins from, the fashion brand has issued a statement to the New York Times in response to the allegations:

“Hermès has established a strong network of farm partners to secure its supply in the highest skin quality. All our skins used by Hermès are sourced from farms where Hermès demands the best farming conditions, which conform to the international regulations.”


The organization for the rights of animals, complaint in the video that “In freedom, Nile crocodiles can live up to 80 years old, but at this facility are slaughtered at the age of about three years . And about two or three crocodiles are needed to make one bag.”

Is this the true cost of the celebrities’ must-have £25,000 handbag?


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