Point Blank SS 17
Point Blank SS 17



Spring Summer 2017


On the 20th of September 2016 Point Blank showcased the Spring Summer 17 Collection through a live  presentation held at Freemason’s Hall during London Fashion Week.


Inspired by the 1967 masterpiece, The Bigger Splash by David Hockney; Point Blank incorporates ideas from retro poolside scenes where mid­-summer heat meets cool rippling pools and bathers lounging by parasols while tropical plants cast long, monstrous shadows.




Using wide variety of fabrics, colours, printing techniques and trimmings, the collection recreates a heady summer vibe; pools and neon motel signs feature in prints along with exotic palm and monstrous leaves, and streams of endless divers hit the water on a backdrop of thick bold stripes. A vest and pleated skirt ensemble in red, white and blue adds to the seductive glamour of Americana, and neon lace and glow in the dark fabrics hint at a seediness/crumminess lurking behind the enticing façade.




The sound is dramatic and frightening, with peaks of clashes and sad conversational voice overs. Audiences are left bemused however intrigued and enticed by the cheerful collection and the alluring models. Show music is produced exclusively for Point Blank  by Thomas Grandjean.

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