Quick Guide To Wearing Little Red Dress For Various Occasions
Quick Guide To Wearing Little Red Dress For Various Occasions


We all know that a little black dress is a fashion staple for any occasion but a little red dress may also be your new go-to for any event. Though this may come as a surprise for many noting how bold the colour red is, you will begin to appreciate its versatility as an outfit choice and make it a closet must-have.

Whether you’re looking for something casual to wear to a daytime affair or an elegant attire to a formal event, a well-thought-off little red dress can satisfy both needs. Below are some helpful tips on how you can maximise the use of your little red dress:

1. Choose your little red dress.

The best length for a little red dress is at the knee or shorter. Although there are still options of below-the-knee, calf-length dresses that may also suit your personal preferences and the occasion. For formal events, Peaches Boutique 2019 red homecoming dresses provide a wide array of selections that girls and women can choose from.

With regards to styles, there are a variety of details you can choose from, including different cuts, necklines, textures, and fabrics. You can also choose from so many shades of red, including burgundy, poppy red, maroon, and scarlet. Your choices will largely depend on your personal preferences and your age. The season and the event’s formalities may also influence your chosen dress style. However, what is more important in selecting a dress is to find one that flatters your figure, gives you confidence, and makes you feel comfortable while wearing it.



2. Style your red dress according to the occasion.

It is easy to dress up or dress down a little red dress so you can wear it to either a day or night event, or a formal or casual occasion. How? Simply change the way you style it with your other garments and accessories. Are you going to a fancy dinner or attending a cocktail party? Make your red dress appear fierce and give it a sultry appeal by wearing a figure-shaping bodice. Do you want a sweet look? Then add feminine details to your ensemble. If you’re attending a more formal occasion such as a wedding, then accentuate simply so that you do not appear flashy or overly dressed.

Here’s a no-nonsense fashion tip if you’re on a budget: buy a little red dress in a classic, versatile style. We guarantee you’ll appreciate how you are able to wear the same dress many times to different occasions. You can layer this LRD with different pieces and change up the shoes or accessories to channel different styles and appeals.

3. Select accessories that complement the little red dress.

Noting that red is already a standout colour on its own, make sure that you choose accessories with simple or neutral colours so you don’t go over the top and that the dress remains the focal point of your outfit.

With regards to jewelleries, the classic choices of silver and gold are highly recommended but you can also go for pieces with red gemstones for a coordinated look. If your LRD already has a lot of details and if it has a figure-flattering silhouette, you can skip these and other accessories (except for the shoes and a matching purse) to avoid distractions from your dress.

With regards to makeup, a minimalistic approach is best worn with a bright red dress. Nude makeup looks are the perfect ways to flaunt a little red dress.

Indeed, the diversity of looks you can create, from classic to seductive, will soon make the little red dress your new fashion favourite.

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