Seasonal Hair Loss, is that a myth or reality?
Seasonal Hair Loss, is that a myth or reality?

Seasonal hair loss is more common than you think and it’s pretty frustrating.
Fortunately, there are a few ways to reduce hair loss such as keep a balanced diet or several natural remedies that can help you. But even using them, due the frenetic rhythm of current life or the short time of rest is not easy to reduce seasonal hair loss. If you experience it, there are ways to reduce the symptoms. Do you want to know how?

Why does hair fall out?

There are many reasons such as:
-Environmental effects and Aging.
-Stress & Depression. If you suffer of depression you could be experiencing other syntoms that includes hair loss. More information here.
-Nutritional deficiencies & tobacco.
-Hormonal imbalance and genetic factors.
-fections of the scalp and the use of hair chemicals and certain medications.


Use of natural remedies.

-Beetroot is a powerful ally, in addition to strengthening the hair, the sugar beetroot extract can be used to dye it naturally and to cover the gray hair.
All beets have betaine and it’s the primary nitrogenous component of sugar beets. Betaine is an amino acid that acts as a humectant and anti-irritant when in cosmetic and hair products. Its composition allows it to retain moisture and give superior hydration without annoying stickiness associated with some glycerin-based products.
-Massage your hair with essential oils. The massages with an essential oil for the hair are very suitable to fight hair loss. These increase blood flow to the hair follicles and strengthen the roots.


Among the oils that can be used for this purpose are coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and rosemary oil.

Ask for help.

If you feel that after treating it with natural remedies your hair is still suffering from the same disorder, perhaps it is a good time to ask for help.
I remember my friend tried all kinds of remedies and finally went to ask for professional advice, after opting for the personal service consultation to help her explore the options possible by modern medical advancements in hair restoration her hair improved considerably and what’s best: She knows now how to fight the seasonal hair loss.

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