I wanted to try some new brushes and grow my brush collection. Also we are looking forward to our MAC masterclass of next Month. (Monday 22th Feb in London) Sedona Lace gave me the chance to review their products and I have to say these brushes are amazing! This brush set is the perfect budget buy if you are looking to add new essential brushes for your everyday makeup or if you are traveling because the price tag is perfect, are affordable, soft and the quality and functionality worth it. But…the only thing that I missed from the set is a kabuki brush to complete the set.

About the packaging, the brush set comes with a pale-pink faux leather case . It looks very professional, and cute, something easy to carryt around and perfect to take everywhere.  It could be useful to include extra brush slots in case you need to carry some more. But it looks so cute.

The brushes are also available to sell individually on


Later we will talk about each brush individually let me introduce the brand first. Sedona Lace provides affordable makeup brushes, brushes for makeup, make up palette, kabuki brushes, concealer and a wide range of cosmetics, but the best is they are vegan friendly. Their travelling kits are essential for any make up enthusiast and traveler. You might think synthetic brushes are lower quality but that’s not true, are high quality and easy to clean. Sedona Lace has a FREE SHIPPING to the USA on orders over $50. Using promo code 50FREE.

International shipping cost depends on the weight and measure of the packages. And takes 8-10 business days.

Also by introducing “onlydopefashion” in your check out you get a $4 discount in your final order.

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One thing I love about Sedona Lace is the way they have to interact with their customers, for example asking them to share their look using @SedonaLaceDoll and uploading photos at



2015-02-01 (13)


I love these Brushes

1-Powder Brush:


This brush was made of natural bristle and it’s perfect to apply powder all-over the face. Cheaper brushes tend to be scratchy this one works perfect.

2-Duo fiber brush 813:

2015-02-01 (1)

Duo fiber brush is perfect to achieve an airbrushed finish and it’s not recommended for cream foundations, it works perfect for liquids and powders. It can be also used for highlight. The larger flat head helps to assure there are no streaks in the foundation to leave your skin FLAWLESS.

3-Large angled contour Brush 850:

2015-02-01 (2)

This brush works better when used to apply blush or cheek contour. It can also be used wet to apply foundation, and it’s one of my favorite because it fits into the contours of my cheeks perfectly.

4-Foundation Brush 727:

2015-02-01 (3)

The best thing about the foundation brush is the bristles are non-absorbing that means it keeps foundation on your face and not on the brush.

You can use it with liquid or cream products. This brush is best used to apply highlighter to the top of the cheekbones.


5-Large shading Brush 941:

2015-02-01 (8)

This flat brush is ideal for applying eye shadow and cream products. It is also perfect for concealing redness and under eye circles, very soft, very dense.

6-Eye shading Brush 305:

2015-02-01 (4)

It’s perfect for applying loose eye shadows and pigments, especially on pigments for an intense color.

This brush is also perfect for blending. I like the size of the brush and it does a nice job.

7-Medium angled shading Brush 407:

2015-02-01 (5)

Medium angled shading brush is used for highlight underneath the eyebrow and in the inner corners of the eyes. It also works well for blending out eye shadow.

8-Tapered Blending Brush:

2015-02-01 (6)

This brush is perfect size for applying and blending eye shadow, to be honest I will be happy to change it for a Kabuki brush since with the preview brushes we can cover the same needs.

9-Concealer Brush 954:

2015-02-01 (9)

Concealer plays an essential role in daily make up, especially for cover dark circles under the eyes. (No matter if it’s because working or late night party).

I have to say I am so glad with it, you can use cream or liquid on it and it can be used also under the lash line.

10-Pencil Brush 904:

2015-02-01 (7)

That’s a key item for smokey eye look; it’s perfect for smudging out eyeliner and applies color in the corner of the eye.

The bristles are stiff, making it easy to move the eye shadow where you want it.

11- Small angled Brush 561:

2015-02-01 (11)

Small angled brush are perfect for create the perfect eyebrow; you can apply gel or cream eyeliner on it precisely.

12- Eye liner Brush 772:    

2015-02-01 (10)   

This brush works perfect with cream, liquid and gel liner and it’s used for eye liner look.

      How to take care of your favorite brushes: Prior to your first use clean the brushes with a brush cleanser or if you don’t have you can use a baby shampoo. Be careful not to wet the ferrule or the wooden brush handle. Always remember to dry your brushes with the bristles facing down in a cup or container. That’s because the water must drip downward and not back into the ferrule.

2015-02-01 (12)

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