Simple Steps Towards Glowing, Youthful Skin
Simple Steps Towards Glowing, Youthful Skin

One of the biggest problems with growing old is that it can be incredibly difficult to keep your skin looking young. Skin doesn’t lie, and it will reveal all when it comes to telling the story of your general lifestyle and health.

If you are burning the candle at both ends, for example, it will be written all over your face. Heavy, sagging eyelids, an unhealthy pallor, wrinkles, and lines – everyone experiences at some point!

There are, however, a few things you can do if you want to look after your skin and achieve a glowing, younger look. Here are some of my top tips – take a look and see what you think.


Drink water

First of all, you need to hydrate the inside of your body if you want the outside to look its best. Dehydration will affect your skin as soon as it occurs, so ensure you are drinking enough water – at least eight glasses a day is the current guidelines. Don’t leave it until you are feeling thirsty, either – when you feel like you need a drink, you are already dehydrated. Try drinking a glass every 90 minutes or so, and your skin should improve almost straight away.

Change your cleanser

Spend some time finding the right cleanser for your skin type, as it can make the world of difference, according to You might have to use two different types if you have combination skin – a dry forehead and oily nose, for example. You would be surprised how few women use the right cleanser, and choosing the wrong type for your skin can lead to irritation and imbalance.

Clean with warm water

Avoid using hot water when washing your skin, as it can damage the capillaries. It’s the same with water that is too cold – so be careful if you want to avoid ongoing problems. Use warm water instead; gentle washing will always result in healthier and younger looking skin.



Moisturizer is, of course, essential for hydrating your skin. The best moisturizing creams are capable of filling in wrinkles and lines on your face – and don’t forget about your neck too, as it’s often an area that reveals aging before anywhere else. According to, the best neck creams should help your skin appear firmer and smoother than before, and gives your neck area the vital moisture it needs to look good. It can be a tricky area to get right, but it will help you appear younger.

Exercise and diet

Finally, if you want your skin to glow, get out there and do more exercise! A daily workout helps get the blood flowing properly around the body, and you will appear far healthier than before. Not only that, but exercise makes you feel good – you will smile more often, feel more confident, and the effect it has on your appearance will be incredible. The food you eat is important, too – so look into your nutrition and eat the right kind of food if you want to look younger for longer. Good luck with the new skincare routine – let me know how it goes!

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