Skincare tips for sensitive skin
Skincare tips for sensitive skin


Environment factors such as pollutants, the weather and our daily diet can all aggravate sensitive skin. Even ingredients found in certain beauty products can cause increase sensitivity. Tight, itchy, or inflamed skin is the last thing you want to deal with. Thankfully, simple changes to your skincare routine will help soothe and protect your skin.


Do you feel like you are constantly in a battle with your skin? Try these simple tricks and you’re sure to have a healthy, glowing skin in no time.


Avoid irritation with a simple test


Don’t just delve into a new skincare product before testing it out. Apply a small amount to a camouflaged area of skin, e.g behind your ear. Wait 24 hours for any signs of redness or reactions.


Moisturise Daily


Sensitive skin is particularly vulnerable to environmental factors. Moisturising when you wake up and before you got to bed protects the skin from moisture loss. This also helps maintain a healthy barrier that will block build up from environmental pollution.


Rinse and repeat


Thorough cleansing, particularly if you’ve been exposed to environmental pollutants and make-up all day, is essential to keeping your skin healthy. Try using oils to dissolve make-up and follow up with a gentle cleanser to let skin breathe. Applying creams to freshly washed skin will enable your skin to absorb any skincare products more efficiently.


Do your research


Certain ingredients can cause irritation and flare-ups. Usually, the more complicated the ingredient list is, the worse it is for your skin. If possible, try to use organic skincare products that don’t contain fragrances.


Remove make-up before you go to bed


Yes, we’ve all heard it before, but removing make-up before bedtime is a great habit to get into. Leaving make-up on when you’re getting your beauty sleep can aggravate skin, where as cleansing at the end of each day will refresh your skin and allow your pores to breathe.


Limit exfoliation


Exfoliating is a great way to cleanse your skin and remove product build up. When it comes to exfoliating though, it’s best to limit your application to once or twice a week as it can aggravate sensitive skin worse, causing red or further irritated skin.


You are what you eat


Now we aren’t saying you’re going to wake up looking like fish, but often these old clichés have some substance behind them. A diet containing plenty of oily fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds works wonders for dry skin.


Is your lifestyle making your skin worse?


Many external factors trigger and irritate sensitive skin. A lack of sleep, stress or exposure to excessive heat all has negative effects on your skin, so early nights and relaxing pamper sessions from now on! Smoking causes excessive stress and early ageing of the skin, if you’re worried wrinkles, pack in the cigarettes. As for heat, we aren’t suggesting you avoid it completely. But sunbeds, saunas and overly hot baths cause broken capillaries. If you do crave a hot relaxing bath after, turn down the temperature slightly.


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