Today I bring one of long waited reviews, (I am really sorry for the delay Sylvie). As some of you know ALREADY know.. sadly someone is trying to hack my blog all the time, making my job extremely difficult between backups, increase blog security and renewals of the website… But! Finally is live and I am really excited to share her work with all of you my lovely readers.

Meet the designer. Sylvie Majerová

Sylvie Majerová was born 1981 in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

She participated in a lot of exhibitions and owns a art jewellery workshop. Her main interests and inspirations are : landscape architecture, energy medicine, makrobiotic diet, ecoagriculture. She is a self-learner art jeweller.
She defines her work as:


“My big dream and desire is coming true by making a jewellery. After studying landscape architecture jewellery come to my life intensely and I started to make a jewels with a support of my husband. Nowadays I work with sterling silver (925/1000) and precisious stones, which attract me. I am interesting in energy of materials which I am working with, my other interest is energy medicine and food. Ideas for creating jewelllery comes to me fluently, I am using it and give them my own energy. I am working and living for happiness and I hope my jewels bring happiness to you – by watching or buying.”


Energy collection.

Energy collection is made from unique silver wire weave by hand with pearls or semi precious stones. The name of ENERGY is exact this, jewels are full of energy which the designer put inside.
If you think in the current trends, knit, denim, lingerie and romantic fabrics all have one thing in common, all demand a statement piece around the collar.


I always try to transmit that when you buy a statement piece, you sure want it to be unique, well-marked and interesting, after all jewels and shoes (and handbags!) are women best-friends!
First time I met Sylvie Majerová work I was surprised about how trendy can be semi-precious stones without opulent, her designs are far from opulent, are subtile and very personal, the perfect balance for the statement necklace you want to invest.


How to style it?

First we should know a little background of the necklace.
My necklace was made with raw ruby semi-precious stones. Ruby, the “King of stones” together with diamons, sapphires and emmerals are considered precious stones. It symbolizes action, confidence, courage and vitality and is considered to be the most powerful gem asosicated with many astral signs.
Most of rubies come from Burma and Thailand.

Althought it was made with semi-precious stones we should consider Sylvie Majerová work as innovator and let the necklace get the protagonnism of the outfit. My first thought was the necklace seems unique.It sparkles and it looks classy, really classy. And also I will want to match the color of ruby necklace closely to a ring or earrings or if not, don’t wear any other jewel that will shade my necklace.

2016-07-24 - Còpia

2016-07-24 (2) - Còpia

2016-07-24 (3) - Còpia

My personal opinion.

I think not feeling opulent the necklace is very important otherwhise you will count with your hands the times you can wear it to go outside without any worry.
The necklace looks reaaaally durable and you can tell Sylvie pays a lot of attention to details. packaging was gorgeous too.

So I personally recommend any of her pieces, and if you want to find the perfect Christmas gift, mother’s day gift of even a little spoil for yourself, you can’t miss Sylvie Majerová work.


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