Style Your Boyfriend: Men’s Fashion
Style Your Boyfriend: Men’s Fashion

In a relationship, it’s only natural for us to take on opposing roles to our partner. There tends to be one person who is more organized and the other who is more carefree, one who is typically tidier around the house and the other who always needs to clean up. In very much the same vein, many couples feature one person who is something of a fashionista and someone else who couldn’t care less about what they wear. If you are the stylish one in your relationship, you have probably spent many a despairing rolling your eyes at your other half, as he pulls on the same t-shirt he used to wear in middle school and a pair of jeans that are all but falling apart. Of course, you love him despite all this, but you can’t help feeling as though you’d like him to put a little more effort into his appearance – after all, first impressions count! Here are a few ways you can help to style your man and encourage the dapper gentleman inside him to emerge.

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Set a realistic price bracket

We all have different things we feel comfortable with spending our money on. You might not be able to get your head around why your boyfriend spend $300 on a games console, while he is at a loss as to why you would happily spend the same amount on a pair of shoes. But one of the reasons why he shies away from fashion could be down to a belief that is is too pricey for him. Take the time to explain to him the difference between designer and high street clothes and suggest some low-cost places where he can buy new clothes. It may also be worth mentioning some Kohl’s Coupons & Promo Codes  2017. After all, there’s no rule that says looking good has to cost you a fortune.

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Lay out the fashion basics

Most women are aware of basic fashion rules, such as avoiding ankle boots if you have short legs and shunning horizontal stripes if you are a slightly larger lady. But many men are not quite so clued up on what suits them, whether we are talking regarding shape, style or color. Go shopping with your man and coyly suggest a few different pieces you think will suit him. Even if he doesn’t like the look of them in the store, encourage him to try them on – he might be pleasantly surprised.

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Let him find his own style

The important thing to remember is that your man is not your project, and you need to be willing to let him find his own way in fashion. Sure, he might make a few mistakes along the way – but didn’t we all at some point? If he likes something, support him in his decision to buy it and rock in. A huge part of fashion is feeling confident in what you wear, and if he feels good in what he’s chosen it will give him a great boost.

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