How to style your jewellery
How to style your jewellery

Getting dressed up is so much fun; you have the freedom to really showcase your signature style. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to keep things simple or make a statement; incorporating jewellery into your outfit is always a good idea.

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Jewellery can make any good outfit look great. It helps to dress-up an otherwise plain outfit and can colloquialise a formal outfit. So have fun with your jewellery and let it make a statement about you and your style. Here are some tips on how to style your jewellery for the perfect effortless yet fabulous look.

Add Value

Each piece of jewellery must add some sort of value to your entire outfit. Always check to see if you need another piece of jewellery before leaving the house, but be careful not to over accessorise. Both over accessorising and under accessorising are common jewellery mistakes.

Just because it is pretty or you like it, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to wear it. Make sure each piece you choose compliments what you are wearing. Similarly, just because you want to come across as a serious professional, it does not mean that you can’t have fun with your jewellery. Look at fashion jewellery trends and then make them your own.

Keep in proportion

Every piece of jewellery that you wear should be in proportion with your body frame and facial features. You want to try and control where the eye goes on your body with your jewellery. If you can do this well, the focus will stay on you and your outfit just compliments how you look.

The size of each piece plays a large role in this. For example, layering necklaces can divinely style an outfit as long as the effect does not over power you. Also pay attention to the length of your necklaces, you want to elongate your neck, not truncate it.

Try not to opt for earrings that are too large if you are going to be talking face to face with someone. You don’t want to distract them and lose their interest because they are too busy looking at your earrings. Opt for small, delicate but still eye-catching.

If you are going to a formal occasion and have spent a lot of money on an outfit, you want to go for jewellery that compliments it and doesn’t over power it. For women, a delicate silver bracelet and necklace with small earrings that glisten are perfect. For men, choose timeless cufflinks that catch the eye when you lift your arm up. But that are not so large that they distract from the dapper suit. Click here for luxury cufflinks that are great for the modern gentleman.

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The point of accessories is to add additional interest to an outfit. The best jewellery buy is one that compliments several of your outfits, so go for pieces that are versatile. A matching set is not the most versatile of accessories as they have to be worn together and that limits your outfit options. Look for items that you can mix and match and experiment with.

Occasion appropriate

The style rules of today are much more relaxed than those in the past, even at work. This means that it is easier than ever to wear a chic and sophisticated crystal necklace to both work and to a party. However, don’t fall into the trap of wearing any jewellery to any occasion. Make sure the amount of pieces you have on and the style of the pieces you have on all match the occasion.

It is also important to think about the tone and vibe of your outfit and jewellery. You can mix centuries and seasons, but just make sure the contrast is complementary.

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