Surprising Tips On How To Wow With Your Jewelry!
Surprising Tips On How To Wow With Your Jewelry!

When you are trying to pull off a killer outfit, you need to consider your jewelry as well as your outfit. A beautiful necklace, ring, or earrings can really help to make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Here are some surprising tips on how to wow with your jewelry.


Sometimes less is more

One tip on how to wow with your jewelry is you need to remember sometimes less is more. If you have too many different pieces on at the same time, it will look way too much. It can take away the effect of the stunning dress as people will just look at the jewelry. Therefore, go for a statement necklace or a glamorous pair of earrings to help your outfit look fantastic.

Go for a unique stone

Another tip on how to wow with your jewelry is to make sure you choose a unique stone that no one has seen before. You will get so many compliments and it will look expensive. Research online for the different stones that are available. You can get a lot of jewelry custom made so that it’s unique and will make a statement. You could get Opal and Opal Jewelry handmade by jewelers. It will be something unique that people don’t see every day. It will definitely wow everyone and will look great with your outfit.

Consider the rest of your outfit

If you want to wow with your jewelry, you need to make sure you consider the rest of your outfit too. You want to choose something that is delicate if it’s more of a formal occasion, while you can use statement pieces if you are headed out on a night out. You should consider the colors of your outfit too, so you can choose a piece of jewelry that will wow everyone.

Choose something that looks great with your skin tone

Another tip on how to wow with your jewelry is to make sure you are considering your skin tone when you choose jewelry. You want to emphasize your natural skin tone, so you look great. As this feature reveals, you should go for metals and gemstones which will illuminate your skin tone. You should also be thinking about your face shape when you choose a piece of jewelry. If you have a small face, you don’t want some large earrings which will overpower you.

Wow with an heirloom

An additional surprising tip on how to wow with your jewelry is you need to get your heirlooms out. You are bound to have something which has been left to you from a dear relative who has passed on. Although a lot of us put them away for safekeeping, it’s time to get them out. They are likely to be made from precious gems and will be truly unique. You should wear them with your outfit to pull off a vintage look. It will be a talking point with your friends. If it’s not to your style, you could transform it into a new style that you love. Find out more about doing this here.

Handmade jewelry always looks fantastic, so don’t be afraid to make your own to pull off a unique look that will wow everyone!

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