Taking An Open-Minded View Of Art
Taking An Open-Minded View Of Art



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Everyone, no matter who they are, is great at making value judgements. We often suggest that being judgemental is not a virtue, but this often solely refers to judging people negatively. In fact, we all judge, every moment of every day. It is how we survive, how we know which direction to go down, and the fact that you even considered this article worth reading was a value judgement in itself.


Judgement is important to some extent, provided it is welcoming and never solely pushes things out just because. We can often see this negative perspective when it comes to art, or fashion. Many see new trends or new styles and believe them to be silly. For example, padlock chains are in right now amongst many young people. To someone from a different time, this can seem ludicrous. For others, it may seem like a cool new accessory to help give a chain a little unique edge.


When it comes to art, our judgements are tested most of all. This is what art should be, always pressing buttons. With that in mind, let us consider how you can keep an open mind to this end:


Challenge Yourself


Challenge yourself to view art outside of your comfort zones. Perhaps you usually only watch blockbusters but have heard great things about the movies of Kurosawa, or Lynch, or Tarkovsky. Allow the experience to consume you as you watch it, and learn what the filmmaker is trying to show you. It might not be a particular lesson, but it might give you a sensory emotion, a feeling, or perhaps a nuanced take surrounding a certain important topic. What matters is that you challenge yourself to this end.


Create Some Yourself


The best way to appreciate art is to try and craft some yourself. Perhaps try and paint, or create a home movie, or even a sculpture, try to use techniques or invest some of your own. Study the professionals in this field and see if you can replicate what they have done. It’s when we interface with work directly we can truly understand the creative might and wisdom of those we respect, in many fields adjacent to the one we have our own practice in.


Head To Exhibitions & Purchase Art


Heading to exhibitions or online to purchase art, such as through the excellent decorations and artistically relevant options offered by Mystik River will help you have art around you, become a patron of the arts, and also give someone something to think or talk about when visiting your home. When art becomes a lived experience like this, it becomes active, vibrant, and fulfills a purpose it was intended to be part of. When you think of things in this way, then you can understand another spectrum of art, and also ensure that your surroundings are led by creativity and champion it to some degree. Hey, that’s a pretty good place to start.

With this in mind, you are certain to take an open-minded view of art.

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