The Perfect Accesory
The Perfect Accesory

When arrives this kind of time (sometimes cold, but suddenly hot) you dont know very well if you should wear winter clothes, but is not really good uses summer clothes yet,  we just found the perfect item: high boots.

They come in all types: Leather, buckskin or velvet; flat or high heel; super tight or wide cane….maybe at first sight looks too excessive and dangerously bordering the boundary between sexy and too provocative, but they can camouflage the exhibitionist desire of the riskiest miniskirt and are the perfect excuse to experiment with menswear items.

Depending with which clothes you combining them, they look fabulous. Here, we show you few examples:

1. High Boots plus dress or sweater: beige color is perfect to let all look’s intention falls on a over-the-knee boots.


2. If you dont want let the boots being the main character of the look as the previois one, try risking equal charismatic clothing (as the boots) like, for example, a poncho.

Olivia Palermo doing photo shoot in Brooklyn, New York

3. What about high boots with bohemian dress?? It works!! And if that day you are lucky and comes the typical breeze of a photoshoot or cinematographic, success is assured.


4. If you want a sixties look bet low-heeled boots, typical of that ages. It favors, so comfortable and is one of the trends key of the season.


5. Sex and the City Look: take a basic as, for example, a trench and we combine it with a “flashy” accesorie like glitter high boots and few fantastic accesories more and….let’s pace the Big Apple!!


6. If you liked the sixties look, dont miss the 90′s: A tie dye oversize shirt mixing it with beautiful velvet boots, a very grunge look.


7. And of course, couldnt be missed the denim, another of the major trends this season. This type of clothing is perfect for lowering a sophisticated item such as over-knee black buckskin boots with a huuuge heel.


8. This year has been seen a lot this kind of look between fashion weeks’ attendees. High boots with a long coat, the most evocative visual game and also, so warm look for those cold days.


9. But if you prefer go comfortably, bet for a male item. The simplest and suggestive is to use a XXL sweater with over-the-knee boots, simple but fashionable!


10. And my favourites, for the most bold girls: Colorful Boots. This kind of boots trigger the imagination and incite the senses and also, because theres more life beyond black, beige and brown boots. Have fun dressing!!


No more spending hours in front of the closet, grab your dream boots and dazzle!!

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