I turned the big 3-0 a few weeks ago, and if you’ve been following my instagram posts, you might be aware that I am thinking a lot about take care of my skin the proper way and according to my age.
It’s true beauty has no age and is not like you turn 30 and have to change your whole skin care routine, because as I said before nothing better than moisturize frequently for achieve the best ANTI-AGING effects.
Start with sunscreen and moisturizer could be a good way.

But it’s also true that it’s good to focus on your own skin concerns. I am a big fan of TheFaceShop you already know that and when I saw that they have relaunched a full line of “The Therapy” based on Anti-Aging I jumped for joy.
I don’t want to make you wait any longer, I’m going to show you three products that can make your life immensely easier.
Remember to use first and before them your daily toner.
Oh! Thanks Jolse for the opportunity, love your store and the fact you always have the power to surprise me.

The Therapy Oil-Drop Anti-Aging Serum

It’s true Serum are kind of expensive (sometimes) but also very important for a Skin Routine, by incorportating Serum to your skin routine you are enriching your skin more than you can imagine!
The reason is it contains a much higher concentration of active ingredients and nutrients such as Vitamin C, E and K and serums have the ability to penetrate throught the pores deep beneath the skins epidermis absorbing all those good ingredients and nutrients.

FullSizeRender (1)
Even then, finding the perfect balance of moisture and effectiveness isn’t easy.
The first thing to remember is you need to apply serum just after the toner. That’s essential if you want to achieve that young, radian and fresh look at morning.
With The FACE Shop The Therapy Oil Drop Anti-Aging Serum you can’t be wrong, it has a Hand Made Blending formula which has Oats seed, Marigold flower, laurel tree leaf, olive tree leaf was applied for anti- aging effect.

I have used many different serums and oil products my only cons will be It goes on like a very light oil, and definitely does not sink in but it deserves the wait. I recommend to use Serium at night and you can use Emulsion at morning. It works amazing on sensitive skin and I am amazed about the result, it doesn’t feel heavy and I feel my skin smooth and very moist.

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The Therapy Essential Formula Emulsion

This Emulsion is perfect for tired skin. Formulated with same nutrients than the Anti-Aging serum The Therapy Essential Formula Emulsion is absorbed in the skin really fast.

Both emulsion and serums are used at the same treatment step of skincare to achieve similar results. Serums are getting more lightweight and emulsion are getting thicker, that is better for a long lasting effect and prevent damage to your skin during your day.

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (4)

Just to make it clear emulsion, will be just after cleaning your skin and working as a “light” moisturizer before a cream. BUT since it’s from an anti-aging line this emulsion is a lot richer than some that I’ve tried.

The Therapy Secret made Anti-Aging Cream.

Ok I can’t hide anymore. I have a crush with this Anti-Aging Cream. I was really concerned about feel my skin oily after use Anti-Aging Creams for the very first time.
The Therapy Secret made Anti-Aging Cream leaves my face very hydrated and erased dark spots. And what is better, after use it for a week more or less I can see a clear effect where it reduces the lines and helps clear my face.
It smells so amazing too.
If you are looking for a cream that gives deeper & richer moisture to the skin with excellent adherence,not only with anti-aging effects but also that makes the skin moist & sleek, this one will be the love of your life trust me.
For better effects use it at morning and night.



My thoughts

Did you like what is inside my new Jolse Haul?

I loved how the items worked on their own way and together work much better. As someone who does a multi-step routine daily I recommend to purchase together for better results.
Are not very expensive and that’s good and for example Emulsion is 130ml that means a lot of product that last long.
I would give 9/10 to it, just because give a 10 will be too perfect and we want TheFaceShop to release new products soon ;)!

Remember you can purchase all this products and a lot more at

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