Three Ways to Showcase Your Style
Three Ways to Showcase Your Style


There’s only one you, so why not celebrate it?! Showcasing your style and personality sets you apart as an individual, it can boost self esteem and help you to carve out your own identity. And there are lots of ways you can do this throughout your life, here are some ideas.


Your personal style

The way you choose to style yourself says a lot about your personality. People can get a snippet of who you are by the way you dress, style and colour your hair, do your makeup and accessorise. It’s easy to fall into a bit of a style rut, and so if you’ve been dressing the same way for years have a think about your look. Do your clothes still reflect who you are as a person or have your tastes moved on? Would a cool new cut or hair colour reflect your personality more than what you currently have? Go to a store and play around with some different outfits and styles, and find pieces that make you feel good about yourself and showcase you the way you want to be seen. Try out a new makeup look, there are loads of tutorials on Youtube and if you don’t like how it turns out its no big deal. Just wash it off and try something else!


Your home

The place you live is incredibly personal, and the way you style and dress your home says an awful lot about who you are. It can be fun to dress the home in a way that shows your guests a bit about yourself, from your favourite books on display to interesting plants and ornaments that you love, paintings you’ve carefully chosen and cool pieces from your travels. The place itself also says a lot about you, from the location to the type of building. If your home doesn’t suit you any more, check out listings on sites like William Pitt. Perhaps you dream of city apartment life, or maybe a house near the beach is more ‘you’. Home is where the heart is, a place that you feel reflects you will be where you truly feel comfortable.


Your car

What you drive is essentially a reflection of ‘you’ when you’re out on the roads. As much of us covet fancy new cars, they’re not something we can all afford. However, just because a car isn’t top of the range doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be something you love. Update your banger, browse through lots of different models and find one within your budget that you really like. You can always customise it with alloy wheels, aftermarket accessories, even a new paint colour or interior if you want it to be completely individual to you.


How do you showcase your style and personality throughout your everyday life?


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