Time to renovate our new home.
Time to renovate our new home.

I thought that a post about the time to renovate our new home will be useful for some of you, since this is my second time and I’ve learnt a lot in the past! Many of you already know if you follow me on instagram, last summer we bought a house from which we have begun to organize the renovation. As exciting as it sounds, added to the day to day and having two small babies, planning a reform can be the most stressful.

One of the basic tips that I would offer when starting a renovation would be to not start until you have a global view of the situation and consider your current and future lifestyles.

Siterrle_Inverness_Custom Model Floor Plan_Kitchen

You must ask yourself a few questions. I do myself the next ones:
-What do I want to include in this new home?
-What can I do without?
-How much do I want to spend on it?
-Will your family be expanding?
-Or will your children be leaving the nest?
-Do we expect entertain often and host overnight guests regularly?

The second advice would go online to all those ideas, in our case we’ve all written them down and we’ve discussed them, some have stayed and others haven’t, in many cases you realize that they really aren’t practical or maybe even unnecessary: Note everything, highlight the final ideas and look for budgets.

Try to have at least a couple of budgets of each idea to be able to contrast prices and qualities of the materials, BUT ALWAYS STAY WITH WHICH YOU FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE.


My third advice will be to save extra money for incidents. When you make a renovation and more if it is a comprehensive one, there are always unforeseen contingencies that you have not planned. You’ll be thankful to have that extra budget.
Note addresses, phones and websites: 24 hour services of locksmiths, plumbers, electricians and other technicians are going to be very necessary.

I remember that with our first renovation we had many problems with the pipes as they had leaks and water didn’t reach the second floor with pressure. It’s very important to find professional technicians with 24 hours availability as the plumbers of Drain Rescue. With the right contacts these emergencies are easily solved.

Last, avoid under-utilized rooms. If you plan on adding a spare room, make sure that it’s a room that can be useful everyday. A office room may never get used often, but a office that also is used as a guest room could indeed get used often.

I hope all these tips are useful and help plan your future reform. Aireen xoxo


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