Top 10 most fashionable k-pop idols
Top 10 most fashionable k-pop idols

Without any doubt K-pop and fashion goes hand-to-hand.

From music videos to streetwear or airport fashion, fashion weeks or magazine covers, K-pop idols have become the pinnacle for style across Asia and spread to the rest of the world. Of course some stands up more than others…That’s why before say goodbye to 2015; we want to rate or TOP 1O MOST FASHIONABLE IDOLS.

By: Aliza.

Top 5 most fashionable male K-Pop idols

1) G-Dragon

G-Dragon is no doubt the fashion leader of K-Pop, with his unique combinations and bold styles. He seems to be able to pull off everything he wears flawlessly. Recognized by many famous fashion designers including Karl Lagerfeld and Giuseppe Zanotti, G-Dragon has earned his place as the most fashionable male K-Pop idol.



2) Key

Key, also known as the diva of SHINee, definitely has a very unique fashion sense. His boyish and innocent looks allow him to look good in anything, be it bright colored shorts, gold jackets or all black outfits. He doesn’t stick to what the normal fashion craze might be and his experimentation starts the new trends.


3) Tao

Even though Tao doesn’t seem to try out fashion that stands out a lot like G-Dragon or Key from SHINee, he has a classy yet edgy style. His airport fashion expresses his admirable sense of fashion and makes him stand out from his also well dressed members.


4) TaeHyun

TaeHyun usually goes for cool, colors but still sometimes shakes it up with some yellows and pinks from time to time. His usual greys, blue and blacks give him a cool city boy look that definitely suits him and makes him all the more handsome.

5) Zico

ZIco has a casual style most of the time but his added accessories bring everything together and make the whole look complete. He knows what looks good with what and how to put everything together to make himself look good while also giving the impression that he’s not trying too hard.


Top 5 most fashionable female K-Pop idols

1) CL

CL has shown throughout the years that she can carry any style from short sexy dresses to a large T-shirt and ripped jeans. Like G-Dragon she is recognized by and inspired many famous fashion designers all over the world. Also, Jeremy Scott calls her his biggest muse which really shows how fashionable she is.



2) Jessica

Jessica has a way of effortlessly looking stunning. Even with her simple and comfortable style she manages to stand out from all the other K-Pop idols. Jessica, along with her sister Krystal has also released a reality show centered on fashion and style.


3) HyoRin

In her airport fashion, HyoRin doesn’t usually wear bright colors but she stands out because she usually picks outfits with patterns and graphics that stand out and she looks great wearing every one of her choices.


4) HyunA

HyunA has cool and chic airport fashion which gives her a break from her sexy outfits on stage. Both styles suit her well and she coordinates her outfits perfectly. Also, she doesn’t necessarily stick to mainstream outfits and changes things up with likes of denim skirts and dress shoes with shorts.


5) Krystal

Like her sister, Jessica, Krystal from F(x) has a great sense of fashion. While she also prefers to wear simplistic clothing, she puts in a hint of her own style by adding a stylish jacket or a trendy bag.


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