Top 5 Korean Fashion Designers
Top 5 Korean Fashion Designers

South Korea is rapidly rising in recognition and popularity thanks to their designers with prodigious talent bringing visionary ideas to life in the form of extraordinary outfits on gorgeous models.

5 of these distinguished designers include; G-Dragon, an idol famous worldwide with his music and fashion career,

Lee SangBong, whose designs have been worn by Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and the likes,

Andre Kim, an amazing designer predominantly known for his stunning evening gowns and dresses who passed away in 2010 with his son, Kim Jung Do taking over his brands,

Lee YoungHee, who works with traditional Korean clothes such as the Hanbok to raise awareness of this fashion in the Western world,

And SooJin Lee, an innovative designer based in London and known to have worked with many other famous fashion designers like Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan and Emilio de la Morena.

Lee SangBong

LSB Prints

LSB Nature

LSB Geometry

Lee Sangbong’s artistic designs include prints as well as cut-out dresses with intricate details paired with bold colours which make his dresses such a pronounced fashion statement. He has won awards for his eye-catching pieces that are inspired by Korean poetry and calligraphy along with other influences such as Cubism.

Andre Kim

AK Blue And Gold

AK Knights

AK Prince Suits

Andre Kim’s fashion shows are one of the most extravagant and elaborate in the world. He opts to use rich, royal colours in his designs which are fairy-tale-like yet have modern aspects melded into the classic appearance. His enchanting collections have led even the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, to request Andre Kim to be his personal designer.

Lee YoungHee

LYH White and Gold

LYH Dresses

Lee YoungHee’s astounding creations, a mix between Western and Korean dress styles have successfully garnered the attention of not only the Western world but the rest of it too. She is inspired and works mostly around Hanboks and has designed Hanboks for the first ladies of South Korea.

SooJin Lee

SJL Black Dress

SJL Illusion

SJL Orange Print

SooJin Lee is known for her statement pieces and her usually darker and crepuscular uses of colour. SooJin Lee has also captivated celebrities such as Lady Gaga with her striking designs and they have worn and showcased her pieces on different occasions. She focuses greatly on the overall look with patterns of her designs which are all spectacular.


PMO Black Crop Hoodie

PMO Baseball Caps

PMO Trousers

G-Dragon has come out with his brand PeaceMinusOne which has been a huge success. He has designed his various items in a simplistic yet artistic style that makes them attract attention in a distinct way. His goal with his PeaceMinusOne line is to turn ‘the imaginary into reality’ and his innovative ideas have everyone falling in love with his designs.

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