Types of Diamond Cuts You Should Choose According to diamondcuts.com
Types of Diamond Cuts You Should Choose According to diamondcuts.com

We have all heard the saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. People say it all the time. You hear so many songs about it. Owning one is a clear symbol of wealth and luxury. People mostly buy this priceless jewel for an engagement ring. Everyone wants to possess one so they can brag about it. But, in reality, owning one can cost you a lot. Their prices go so high that some people can only dream about having a real one. It’s like a myth.

If you are ready to spend a fortune on one, you will have to do some research. There are many different types of cuts. Their cost can depend on many factors. So, you have to be able to know what you are looking for. It mainly comes down on your preference and budget. Some shapes are just timeless. It doesn’t matter when it was bought. Its worth will be priceless at any given point in the far future. If you want to read more about them, click here.


This particular type is so famous. You will hear people talking about it on so many TV shows and movies. It makes you feel special if you own a princess diamond cut. It’s has the shape of a square with a round top. The shape was created in 1960. You will immediately recognize it because it is quite large. People buy this type mostly for engagement rings or even earrings. It is quite a popular choice because it’s big and shiny.


This type of a diamond cut resembles a pillow. It can have a square or a rectangular shape but the corners are rounded. It has been around for quite a while now. Jewelers used to call it candlelight. But it was in the previous century that it received its new name. This shape was considered to be a standard back in the days. You should look more closely before deciding which type to buy.


It seems like the round cut is the most popular type. The statistics say that 75% of all sold diamonds are actually round ones. It’s been created because people aimed for refined things. There’s nothing more perfect that a round shape. These jewels have more appeal than any other. If you can’t decide which type you want, you could choose this one. You can find more useful information on diamondcuts.com. You can never go wrong with this one. Round jewelry will never go out of style. It’s practically timeless.


You may have never heard about this shape. It’s a bit long and its ends are pointed. It looks like a football. It comes from Paris. The name sounds really fancy. You could immediately link it with this particular country and its king. It was specifically designed to match the king’s mistress’s smile. It comes in 2 ratios. So, you will be able to choose. If you buy it, you should know that it’ll make the finger look longer than it is. Also, it’ll appear larger than it is. If you’re interested to find out more, visit the following link https://www.gemsociety.org/article/marquise-cut-diamonds/.


Buying someone a heart cut diamond can only mean one thing. You care for someone so much that you’re willing to spend a fortune to show that affection. It’s quite a symbolic present. Customers like it because it’s unique and elegant. However, the process of making one is not easy. When buying one, you have to pay close attention to the curve. Only the most professional cutters can make them. The perfection of the curve makes the stone so appealing. So, you shouldn’t rush when shopping.


The name is clear enough. The jewel has a pear shape. Some jewelers look at it as a combination of marquise and round. This cut is thought to be the most customizable. This is because you can adapt the width. So, you have options to choose from if you’re set on this type. The cut makes the person wearing them look more elegant. Also, their fingers will look so much slim. So, you can definite go and buy this cut. You won’t be disappointed.


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