The Ultimate Makeup VS Makeup Battle
The Ultimate Makeup VS Makeup Battle


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It’s the ultimate makeup battle. Which will reign supreme? Find out by reading on…

Lipstick VS Lipgloss

The two main products we use on our lips had to go head-to-head. Let’s weigh them up! Lipstick is great for a high-impact finish. Often it lasts longer than its competition. However, lipgloss tends to come in nicer flavours. Plus it’s way easier to find one with a nice sheen. That being said, lip gloss tends to be quite sticky, making it a nightmare on windy days!

The winner…

Given its longevity and less stickiness, it’s got to be lipstick. If it was good enough for Marilyn…


Foundation VS Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer has been pulling in some diehard fans recently! While it often doesn’t offer the same coverage as foundation, it can give the skin a gorgeous glow. For girls blessed with great skin already, it’s what they’ve always been waiting for. However, for the rest of us, foundation gives us the coverage and finish we crave.

The winner…

On behalf of normal girls everywhere, foundation.

Finishing Powder VS Setting Powder

When it comes to finishing vs setting powders, most people don’t realize there is a difference. However, setting powder helps hold your foundation in place- set it, if you will! On the other hand, finishing powders give the impression of smoother skin. People tend to use a setting powder daily, and a finishing powder for nights out and big events. It also makes skin look better when photographers are snapping!

The winner…

Given how well they work together, it has to be a draw!


Cream Blusher VS Powder Blusher

Cream blushers often come alongside cream highlighters. Thanks to the contouring and strobing crazes, highlighters are super popular at the moment. Powder blusher, on the other hand, is far more classic. Cream blusher is great for a dewy finish while powder works well with a matt look. However, powder blusher stays on far longer for most girls.

The winner…

Given cream blushers ability to get rubbed away quickly, the winner is powder blusher.

Eyebrow Pencil VS Eyebrow Powder

The classic tool for eyebrows is the pencil. Small, easy to use and reliable, it helps us keep our brows tamed. However, eyebrow powder has been making its mark recently. It had a tendency to slip before, but the holding waxes have now improved. Eyebrow pencil is great for defined brows. But eyebrow powder, given its thinner consistency, is better for a subtler, more natural look.

The winner…

Thanks to its superior blendability, the winner is eyebrow powder.

Liquid Eyeliner VS Pencil Eyeliner

Now, a lot of this one comes down to how good you are at applying the product! If you’re super skilled and talented, a liquid eyeliner can look fantastic. But what if you’re a bit clumsy? If this is the case, you’ll probably be safer with pencil eyeliner. The other great thing about pencil eyeliner it is isn’t as prone to running if it gets wet or damp. That being said, a waterproof liquid eyeliner will stick fast once applied. You just have to hope you don’t smudge it!

The winner…

Given how incredible it can look when done right, liquid eyeliner takes the crown!


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