Visage Skin And Dermatology Clinic Winnipeg
Visage Skin And Dermatology Clinic Winnipeg

With people wanting to have a smooth, clear, and brighter face, there are a lot of procedures that are available to them. Dermatologists offer a wide range of services. What’s more, they are already proven to be safe. Read more about dermatologists here.

More treatments nowadays revitalize the face, cover the pores, and smoothen the complexions without any unnecessary long periods of downtime. With many resurfacing methods available, you can have a youthful and healthier-looking skin in just a matter of weeks.

What Are Resurfacing Treatments?

These are the kinds of treatments that remove damages to the face as well as wrinkles and lines. There are outbreaks caused by pimples, dryness, blackheads, and other impurities that can clog the pores. When the dead layers are peeled off, the dermis beneath has another chance to have healthier growth of the cells. These are done by resurfacing, and you must get a qualified professional to perform the procedure to you.

Common Skin Conditions

If you have problems with your skin, your dermatologist can offer you several treatment options. You can choose the non-abrasive ones or the ones that use lasers and chemical peels. Some of the most common problems that they treat include the following:

1. Vitiligo

This is a condition where pale patches show up on your skin. Some areas are lacking in melanin. This can affect the nose, face, hands, and neck. Most of the pale areas are more sensitive and more prone to sunburn. Some of the treatment options usually aim to improve the dermis’ color. The appearance of the patches can be camouflaged with the right cream or a combination of phototherapy treatments.

2. Acne

This is most common in many parts of the world. Many people want to have clearer skin, and letting the acne run its course would not improve the face’s situation. There can be scars as a result, and in today’s times, there are plenty of treatments available to cure them. If you have a lot of acne breakouts and blemishes, you should consider heading to the nearest Visage skin and dermatology clinic Winnipeg to have them removed. There are products such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that clears the skin. The doctors can go on a topical route or reducing the oil on the face.

3. Eczema and Dermatitis

Eczema is a type of inflammation that is experienced by many. The term atopic dermatitis is one of the most common types of eczema. The word dermatitis means inflammation, and the name atopic is for the allergies that come with this disease. The patients often experience redness, itchiness, cracking, crusting, scaling, and tiny blisters. A dermatologist can do treatments that aim to rehydrate the skin. Some of them use petroleum jelly, topical steroids, and other emollients to lessen the itchy sensations.

4. Rosacea

The redness of the face often appears when you have rosacea. It can be similar to blushing. But you can develop bumps that are filled with pus. There are swollen eyelids and visible blood vessels on the dermis’ surface. If left untreated, this can spread on the ears, chin, forehead, and chest. Most often, those who experience this are women with fair skin and are middle-aged.


Dermatologist Procedures

A lot of dermatologists may suggest cosmetic and medical procedures. There are conditions that do not require surgeries. There are non-invasive therapies available for many people. The methods can be performed during a patient’s hospitalization or in an outpatient setting. Here are some of the treatments that dermatologists often perform.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are solutions that are applied to the skin. As a result, some layers peel off. The exposed surface will regenerate a smoother surface. These are typically used to treat sun-caused damages and some kinds of acne. These are also great in spotting fine lines under the eyes and aging spots.


These are done to reduce scarring and wrinkles on the face. Most common treatments with this kind are generally done through Botox therapy. Collagen fillers and fats are also used in the injection, which can result in a lack of wrinkles that last for three to four months. These treatment types are periodically repeated to train the muscles to relax.


This treatment uses a brush that rotates in high-speed. This treatment erodes scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, cancerous skin patches, and even tattoos. It removes the top layer of the dermis and lets the skin underneath regenerate.

Laser Surgeries

This type uses individual beam lights from lasers to treat various dermis complaints. This can include removing birthmarks, tattoos, moles, warts, unwanted hair, tumors, and others. The face may be sore for a few weeks, but the results will be worth it. Just make sure to rehydrate frequently using dermatologist-approved moisturizers.

Skin Grafts

This process repairs missing skin with the help of dermis removed from other parts of the body. Usually, the free piece of tissue that is used for the grafting process does not have its supply of blood. In other cases, some flaps were created from tissues near the skin loss area to cover the missing part.

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