Do you want to find new branches of your family tree?
Do you want to find new branches of your family tree?

Have you thought about gifting a DNA test or even buying one for yourself?

Thanks to one of these DNA tests you will be able to know the ethnic origin of your ancestors. A DNA test can undoubtedly be one of the most original gifts to give!

DNA tests can determine your ethnic origins, so you will know where your ancestors come from… But there are other tests that, on the other hand, offer genetic information about health, while others are focused on the study of nutrigenetics, learn how your genetics influence your diet and which types of exercise are bestyour sports ability or your skin.

Finding the right DNA test kit really depends on your specific needs. So you have to have a good idea of what you’re in the market for. No two vendors are exactly the same. Some companies, like MyHeritage and AncestryDNA, specialize in coupling your test results with access to billions of historical records to help build your family tree.

But they  all work in a really simple way: Once you choose the company with which you want to carry out the process (we recommend you check the selection of the best DNA testing companies in Best Ancestry DNA Tests), you only have to request the shipment of the DNA extraction kit to the address you choose.

Beyond all these, I am overwhelmed by the fact of not knowing my genealogical tree beyond my great-grandparents.
Who were they? What were they doing?
Did you ever heard of the energy psychology? There are many professionals who ensure that everything that happened to our antipasados ​​is primed, almost naturally in our essence. And that determines our decisions, the way in which we manage our emotions and / or incline our abilities and concerns.

Energy psychology

They say best to investigate our past in order to gain freedom and understanding about the events and the people we attract. By knowing family stories, those that were harsh by unforeseen, unfair or simply unacceptable, we can identify if something similar is happening with us.

It’s information with a giant emotional impact, with which the memory is equally large, so it will pass from generation to generation.


Are you ready to explore your family background?

TIP: Most DNA test kits are priced between $49 – $99. Keep in mind the following: Some require you to pay for shipping. While most send a pre-paid envelope to send the test back, some require you to pay for postage. Lastly, while the test itself has a fixed price, many ancestry DNA tests charge fees for extra items like family tree builders or relative-finding information.

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