Xmas Looks
Xmas Looks

In those days, every girl wants to feel magic and fabulous, are special, magic days. So here are the best looks which never go out of style, step by step, to look perfect on the end of the year:




Before to do any makeup is very important to apply moisturizer on our face to get the makeup base adheres properly and not ruin our skin.

Once done this, we can start:

1.step: Apply concealer and nude eye shadow

2.step: with a brush, apply the dark color shadow, carefully, in the corner of the eye and blur it a little bit

3.step: Outline the eye contour with a black eye pencil, all the way around. Make the line thicker along the upper lashes

4.step: Half-close the eye and apply contour color in the crease

5.step: now it’s time to define the outside corners of the eye using a horizontal “V” shape. The position of the pointy end of “V” will control the apparent shape of the eye.

6.step: If you want to make it more “magical” look, add white eye shadow on the lacrimal

You can do this kind of makeup with whatever color you like, here are few examples step by step of smokey eyes:





The good thing of this kind of makeup is that you can wear whatever eye makeup, but to get a classy look it’s better to apply a “pin-up” look, it means, nude eye shadow and eyeliner (as on the photo)

1.step: apply lip balm

2.step: apply corrector following the lines of your lips and spread out

3.step: apply makeup base

4.step: draw the outline of your lips with a red pencil, carefully

5.step: apply the red lipstick without going beyond the contour

6.step: retouch the contour again

7.step: clean the remains leftover of the lipstick with a cotton swab or a paper


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