Best of London Fashion Week #AW15
Best of London Fashion Week #AW15


London Fashion Week is always our favorite of the four, and it’s because British fashion is stronger than ever and we find it creative. London is to to expect the unexpected and go far beyond every trend.
We spotted bright colors, fun prints, and crazy outfit coordination. The only rule to success is, don’t follow any rule!
Now that MFW it’s over, it’s time to sum up and start working in Fall 2015 Keytrends, aren’t you excited? Because we are! For now I leave you for our very-best top 5 designers from LFW. Are you ready?


Marques’ Almeida

“We’ve always had that lived-in thing with our clothes. They should feel like they’ve been through stuff.” , said Marta Marques one of the main designers.
This season their collection was really eclectic and spontaneous, sort of grunge and oversized, full of color and brocade dresses color-blocking.
We can’t forget about their gorgeous knitwear work! And my favorite, all-over-denim proposals fabulous!
Keycolors: magenta, green, orange. Poppy.





Ryan Lo

“NOT a girl, not yet a woman,” opened Ryan Lo’s show. I really love Ryan Lo because his very very feminine designs. But for AW15 did a huge step to become one of the very best.
The collection was based in Anna of Frozen and Ana Karenina. “This is my first catwalk in a sense, and I just turned 25, so I thought it was time to get more serious. A bit more mature, more womanly,” Lo said after the show.
And we have to say was exceptional, just the fabrics made of rich jacquards and gorge brocades were perfect. And then he sparkled the collection with color-pop here and there and crocheted floral skirts.
Keycolors: Was really unexpected to find Ryan Lo worked their first collection in a darker shade palette, navy, magenta and white.





The inspiration for Ashish was 1971 retro movie, Klute. (all you need to know is that it’s a film about prostitution). Their signature sequin embellishment took the form of super-sized camouflage parkas this season.
You can’t miss the PVC red thigh high stripper boots! And the camo prints made of sequins, gorgeous.
If Ashish team does something good is sport-luxe. I was amazed because they did a lot of fur, fur everywhere.(even they tried patchwork in it) I think even it’s not my favorite collection of Ashish because I found it basic, the message is clear right? If you are looking for sexy clothing, Ashish is your house next AW15.





Gareth Pugh

Britannia, the female personification of the country, was the muse for Pugh’s all-black Autumn Winter 2015 collection. Also he said he found inspiration in Renaissence paintings at V&A.

After presenting in Paris for seven years, the designer brought the show to London to celebrate his label’s 10th anniversary. “This city is where everything started for me, my entire creative family are here, so it’s in everything I do,” said Pugh. “It’s my home.”

The show began with a model cutting her long blond hair short, then painting her face and body with the red cross of Saint George – England’s patron saint.

Gareth Pugh work was described before as “modern armour” it’s almost conceptual and all in black or dark shades.






Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique it’s always one of the best always! This season they bring a 60s-70s inspired collection, really poppy and funny.
Very british too, full of tweed kilts, navy knit, duffle coats and florals prints.

Topshop said the collection was focused on restoring “the sensation of luxury to everyday pieces”, and imbuing edgy style with “couture-like detail”.

Topshop always has the best “front row” full of it-girls. This season we could spot: Alexa Chung, Kendall Jenner or Cara.





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