Earring Styles You Might Not Have Considered
Earring Styles You Might Not Have Considered



A lot of women can look at accessories for ages and never lose interest. A nice pair of earrings can really make the difference to an outfit and complement your overall look. Not to mention, the right type of earrings can really enhance your face shape and get you fetching all the complements!

You can find your perfect pair of silver earrings at trusted jewellers on the internet and if you are in search of something a little different, we have some great ideas in store.




There are a handful of unique earring styles you might be missing. We are here to shine light on them and hopefully you can get some solid inspiration for your search.


Hoops come in large and small sizes and can be very flexible in terms of shapes. Normally, they take on a circular or semicircle design.

Dropped Earrings

The earrings are always an elegant choice and can come in several unusual shapes. You will normally find the earrings is made from two sections; one attaching to the earlobe and the other hanging off.

Dangly Style

Dangles can really make an outfit sparkle and bring a glow to the individual’s face. They start with a similar premise to the drop earrings but take it further. The part that hangs usually comes down a fair bit below the earlobe.


The chandelier earring is a stunning choice if you want something unusual. You will find the design to be very similar to an actual chandelier shape and could have several layers. These are normally more ornate and can feature unusual additions to jazz them up. The chandelier earring is definitely a great one to go for if you want something more unique.

Statement Earrings

If you are looking to make an impact, search for statement earrings and you will find some bold and daring designs. Coming in a range of shapes and sizes, you should discover the unique accessory for you.

Tassel Earrings

Definitely on-trend and in season, you can discover these in most stores with various materials incorporated into the design. They most certainly give an ethnic feel to your outfit and can add an essential splash of colour where need be.

Tear Drops

These are similar to the drop style however feature a hanging part that mirrors a tear drop shape. You can find some stunning gemstones for this particular style too!

Crescent Earrings

This shape in itself is very unique and can feature some wonderful designs. Due to the wider shape, you can find several hand-painted and really start mixing things up.

These are some great ideas to get you thinking about earrings in broader more exciting ways!

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