Gayeon Lee AW 16
Gayeon Lee AW 16

For Autumn Winter 2016 Gayeon Lee look to the works of two 20th Century artists Eduardo Chillida and Albert Eugene Gallatin for inspiration.  The abstract graphic style and exaggeration of geometric shapes of the artists serve as the core references to this collection.

As always the classic 50’s silhouettes are juxtaposed with a twist of modern details. The bold graphic lines of Chillida serves as the contrasting accents on hems, sleeves and cuffs whilst the solid colour blocking take its reference from Gallatin’s vivid collage. The garments are put together in a seemingly crisp manner replicating the artworks and transform into 3 dimensions.


The frame is elongated and elegant whiles details are playful and displace in a youthful dynamic fashion. High neck blouse decorated with gold buttons tucked into mini wrap skirt with asymmetrical hem, oversized cuff shirt layered over skirt with random graphic lines.

Colour palette is warm and tactile. Natural tones of beige, lavender, ivory, dusty pink, black  and maroons cleverly enhenced an artisitc visual presence.


The whimsical combination in terms of proportion and colour strikes a perfect balance when the multiple layers of fabrics, shades and materials are piece together. The result of which is a captivating AW 16 collection, which truly captures the imaginative outlines of the two abstract artists.



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SHAO YEN AW16 at London Fashion Week


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