The Main Benefits of CBD Oil for Dog Panosteitis
The Main Benefits of CBD Oil for Dog Panosteitis

Have you noticed your pet limping? Does your canine companion have trouble climbing the stairs? If your dog has been exhibiting such symptoms for a prolonged period, it might be suffering from bone inflammation, otherwise known as panosteitis.

Panosteitis is a serious bone condition that affects the leg bones, particularly the front legs. Due to the severe inflammation, canines experience walking difficulties in the form of limping and lameness.

Nevertheless, CBD is considered to be extremely beneficial in improving dogs’ mobility by alleviating the feeling of insufferable pain.

Take a look at the main causes and symptoms of panosteitis as well as CBD’s benefits for its treatment.



Main causes

Panosteitis is a medical condition, which is most common in young canines whose age ranges from five to eighteen months. Although it’s believed to affect all medium-sized and large dog breeds, some canine breeds are genetically predisposed to such bone inflammation. For instance, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Labradors, Saint Bernard, and Scottish terriers are considered to have a genetic predisposition to panosteitis. Read more about the diagnosis of this bone condition.

Apart from genetics, panosteitis is predominantly caused by increased bone pressure or a change in bone density. It might also be triggered by a certain infection or increasing pressure on the joints. Additionally, certain dog breeds that experience rapid growth are more susceptible to this bone condition, particularly male canines.

Moreover, the diet might play a major role in the development of panosteitis. A diet that is high in protein and calcium is likely to cause such orthopedic disease, which is why pet owners are advised against feeding their furry companions with foods that are incredibly rich in protein and calcium, especially the breeds with a genetic predisposition.


Common symptoms

The most common symptom of panosteitis in canines is a sudden lameness, which results in painful walking. Although it mostly affects the front legs, such bone inflammation might affect the hind legs as well. Pain is believed to transfer from one leg to the other, lasting no more than a couple of weeks, after which dogs experience improvement. Anyhow, since pain is recurring, it tends to affect them once again after the improvement period.


Furthermore, the feeling of pain is most commonly accompanied by lethargy and unwillingness for performing any physical activity. In terms of mental health, panosteitis is believed to result in depression, which in turn leads to appetite loss and passiveness. Consequently, canines are likely to experience weight loss or develop an eating disorder, such as anorexia. When pet owners fail to provide their companions with proper treatment for this condition, dogs are prone to experiencing muscle atrophy due to insufficient use of their muscles.

The benefits of CBD oil

Most canine owners treat panosteitis by introducing alterations to their pets’ diet, referring to the elimination of processed sugar, dairy products, and foods that contain a high amount of preservatives. Additionally, some pet parents include Omega 3 fatty acids in their companions’ diets to boost their immune system.

Nevertheless, CBD oil is believed to do wonders for the mobility of canines, owing to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. By reducing the severity of bone inflammation, CBD automatically increases joint strength in dogs, thus improving their vigor.

In terms of lethargy, cannabidiol is known for its mood-boosting abilities, which increase the production of serotonin. By increasing the levels of the happiness hormone, CBD helps canines experience greater energy and willingness for performing everyday activities.

Since some dogs are likely to develop signs of anorexia, cannabidiol plays a major role in preventing such an eating disorder from being developed. This natural remedy is capable of restoring pets’ appetite by stimulating the production of the hunger hormone, otherwise known as ghrelin. The following link,, explains the functions of ghrelin.

Regarding dosage, CBD is supposed to be administered 2-4 times per day, depending on the type of product, the weight of your pet, and the severity of its bone condition. Regardless of the CBD product you’ll choose, it’s paramount to abide by the dosage instructions, included in the package.


Cannabidiol will do wonders for your dog’s mobility.

Give it a try!

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