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The online world has completely changed how people shop and make purchasing decisions and Social Media is changing the retail Environment.

Every product reviewed on must be suitable for my readers and it will be an actual product I have used. (For example; for beauty products, I use the product for at least a week before I write about it.)I don’t accept pre-written reviews, there is a lot of junk out on the internet and I am not interested in copy and paste sales marketing speak or guest payment posts.  Same way I do not accept payment for reviews. I do promote items I believe in through affiliate programs for example with

If you have a product you think my readers would like please first read my guidelines below and contact me.  I am interested in just own useful and quality blog content, that means if my readers want to know what I think about products and service that relate to my niche, then I will provide this resource and assist my readers with useful information that could impact on their buying decisions.

I will publish it in a blog post in not longer than 2 weeks.  And if you are part of an Affiliate program I can promote as affiliate in my Frontpage.


I aim to provide a critical review of a range of brands and items on OnlyDopeFashion, including between others beauty and fashion products. I focus my reviews on things I have tried myself and I will always provide an objective viewpoint, give valuable information, supportive and objective insight.


Advertising Policy

Advertising on OnlyDopeFashion is by request.We are always open to a broad range of advertisers, sponsors, partnerships & consulting works. (any reasonable request will be consider as long as it’s suitable for my readership).

If you want to include a photo from ‘OnlyDopeFashion’ you may take the image from our website (click to enlarge) provided you clearly credit the picture ‘OnlyDopeFashion’ and link back to Please respect copyright – and I don’t allow use of my photographs for any commercial purpose or to illustrate posts or articles that are unconnected to OnlyDopeFashion blog.

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